20.05. Suviana Marathon

new path defined, measured and verificatoui total difference of 1644 Mt will be a single tour with departure (9 o'clock) and arrival from camping Mistral via lakefront 1 SUVIANA (Castel di Casio)

The completely paved route involves the municipalities of Castel di Casio and Camugnano in the province of Bologna and Sambuca Pistoiese in the province of Pistoia. 
Medal to all finishers and race pack with regional products and T-shirts technical Diadora will be awarded the first three men-women absolutes that will be excluded from the classification by categories.

The marathon of the lake: compared to previous years, cause danger landslides, has been removed the path that homœopathy in the woods, so it will be all paved.

The total altitude is 864 MT, the arrival always remains at Camping Mistral and the departure (9.30) will be moved about 900 meters towards the valley.

Medal for the first 200 arrived and in the race pack T-shirt technical Diadora

All details, the forms etc. on the site www.maratonasuviana.com